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Crazy Pusher Slot Machine

Discover the one-of-a-kind thrill of JILI’s Crazy Pusher Slot Game, a truly unique dozer-style gaming experience that invites you on an electrifying adventure. Immerse yourself in a world brimming with delightful circus elements that add an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay. Engage with a myriad of entertaining bonuses that amplify the fun, making every moment an exhilarating ride. This rendition of the beloved and globally renowned coin pusher game introduces a playful and enjoyable twist, promising an unforgettable gaming escapade unlike any other only here at to the best JILI slot games.

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How to Play Crazy Pusher Slot Machine Game

Engage in a unique ball-pushing game that offers effortless prize wins as you send a variety of balls off the platform. Whether they’re golden spheres or colored orbs, you can nudge them down and activate spinning reels, aiming to seize multipliers reaching up to 666 times your bet!


Best-JILI-Slot-Crazy Pusher-JILI178-02 Utilize your BET to launch Purple Balls.
Best-JILI-Slot-Crazy Pusher-JILI178-03 Guide the ball through a slot to receive the corresponding reward.
Best-JILI-Slot-Crazy Pusher-JILI178-04 Passing through a Blue Ball slot triggers the release of complimentary Blue Balls from the Blue Cannon.
Best-JILI-Slot-Crazy Pusher-JILI178-05 Passing through a Ticket slot will grant you the bonus coins as shown.
Best-JILI-Slot-Crazy Pusher-JILI178-06 Passing through a Golden ball slot will launch a Golden ball onto the Stage using the Red Cannon.
Best-JILI-Slot-Crazy Pusher-JILI178-07 Consecutively pass through the same slot type five times to initiate Show Time, increasing your opportunity to obtain Star Balls and their accompanying Jackpot!
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Crazy Pusher Slot Game Jackpot System

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There are two jackpot categories: Super Jackpots and Lucky Jackpots.

The chances of activating either the Super Jackpot or Lucky Jackpot hinge on the amount you bet.

Here are the initial multiplier values: Super Jackpot = bet 500, Lucky Jackpot = bet 100. Any further accumulations are computed separately.

The outcomes and rewards for jackpots are determined by your ongoing betting choices.

Crazy Pusher Slot Game Lucky Ball

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1. Each time a player places a bet, there’s a chance to activate a ‘Lucky Ball’ featuring a randomized multiplier.

2. Upon successfully triggering a ‘Lucky Ball,’ players receive a reward equivalent to their bet multiplied by the generated multiplier.

3. It’s crucial to note that if a player exits the game or modifies their bet, any ‘Lucky Balls’ that haven’t been activated will be cleared.

Crazy Pusher Slot Game Show Time

During the Ticket Show Time, the turret hands spring into action, releasing 2 additional Blue Balls alongside the usual Purple Balls, free of charge. If any of these Blue Balls manage to pass through a Ticket slot, you’ll earn half the reward of a Purple Ball. Throughout this period, all slots for Blue Balls are deactivated, while the Golden Ball slot changes into a Star Ball slot.

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During the Blue Ball Show Time, all Ticket slots become inactive, and the Golden Ball slots undergo a transformation into Star Ball slots.

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Crazy Pusher Slot Game Special Rules

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As you pass through a Blue Ball slot, a Blue Ball light will turn on, while an active Ticket light will turn off. Likewise, when going through a Ticket slot, the Ticket light will illuminate while any active Blue Ball light will extinguish.

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The rewards that the balls receive are determined by the color of the roulette hole into which they drop.

Best-JILI-Slot-Crazy Pusher-JILI178-15

Star Ball

Depending on the color of the Roulette Hole, you’ll receive a corresponding multiplier reward beneath the ball. In the event that a Star Ball lands in a gray hole, you will receive 1 Golden Ball, but no additional reward.

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Golden Ball

The Golden Balls offer distinct reward tiers for each color they land on. Each time a golden ball lands on a color, that particular color attains a reward level. However, the gray hole doesn’t provide any rewards or contribute to reward levels.

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Golden Balls obtain rewards based on their color level, following the previously mentioned scheme. Upon reaching the level 4 bonus, Golden Balls reset to level 1.

Crazy Pusher Slot Game FREE Turntable Game

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Players have the ability to gather energy with each launch. Once the energy bar reaches full capacity, a simple click initiates the free turntable game.

Upon activating the turntable, the accumulated energy gets converted according to the current bet ratio. After each spin, the bonus rate is determined, and new energy is randomly replenished for subsequent use.

It’s crucial to remember that if a player exits the game or faces a disconnection lasting 24 hours, all accumulated energy will reset.

Moreover, when the energy storage reaches 3 minutes, the system automatically utilizes it.

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